Star Wars Merchandising is no Joke

Star Wars is one of most successful franchises in movie history, they are also one of the most successful brands to merchandise their product line. In doing so has stemmed, thousands of products, with thousands of products to be bought, means collectable toys and products.

In 2016 the franchise boosted lincesed merchandise sales by 4.4%, this is equivalent to a revenue stream of $262.9 billion. In 2012 Disney purchased LucasFilm for $4 billion, quite a good investment if you ask me. Since the purhcase in 2012, the 2 movies that were released under Disney have already made $3 billion dollars from just box office sales, alone.

Ever Since the original movies, they were always thinking big picture. From Star Wars toys, to Star Wars stickers, it seems they just cant do anything wrong. Now, new Star Wars unveiling is like an unofficial holidy, Lucasfilm plans of introducing Force Friday at retailers to promote new and upcoming films. I dont think anybody can deny how successful they have been with it.

In 2016, fans have spend a total of close to 2 and a half billion of offical Star Wars gear. The biggest factors were the 2 new additions to the movie life line. It has brought on a whole new group of fans, and it has awoken older fans, plus old collectors have new items to collect.

Disney must be in heaven looking at these numbers, and I dont think they have plans on stopping this gravy train anytime soon. In december, the new movie, The Last Jedi is releasing, and there is also a spinoff and episode IX in the works as well, there is no question that these productions will have their own vast and diverse products and merchandise. There will be new toys, action figures, clothes, shoes, everything.

Who knows what the future will bring for this awesome franchise. 2019 will see Star Wars Land, the Star Wars inspired park at Disneyland and Disney World. I wonder if George is thinking that he shouldve asked for me.

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