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10 out of this World Facts all fan boys would know

All Star Wars blog have this type of post, but everyones seem to be different, heres our list of the 10 Star Wars facts that every fan boy should know, if they dont, do you even like Star Wars?

10 Facts Star Wars Fan should know


The only characters that have ever appeared in all the movies in the franchises history are… If you said R2D2 and C3p0 you are right. The two robots were even in the Star Wars Holiday special.

If you have a keen eye for movie details, you would have seen the Millenium Falcon is Revenge of the Sith. You can see the famed ship landing on Coruscant.

This one a lot of people may not know, but Return of the Jedi could have been called Revenge of the Jedi at one point. During storyboarding, there was an idea that Luke took of the empire, and wore the Vader mask. The idea was ditched for being to dark of an ending, George wanted a more kids safe theme.

The only other female character in the original Star Wars movies other than Princess Leia, and Mon Motha is, Aunt Beru. The feminist were probably mad about this one.

Earlier versions of the hit movie had Luke’s last name as Starkiller and he was a general.

Boba fett didnt actually make his first appearance in TESB, he was actually in the Star Wars Holiday special.

Yoda is voiced by the same voice actor who portrays Miss Piggy, the porker Muppet.

In ROTJ the tribe of Ewoks were originally supposed to be a tribe of Wookies, but due to a plot hole it didn’t make sense to have a tribe of Wookies, so the Ewoks were created.

The idea that Leia kills Jabba the Hutt was from the creative brain of Richard Marquand

Darth Maul has ten spikes on his head.


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