Star Wars Merchandising is no Joke

Star Wars is one of most successful franchises in movie history, they are also one of the most successful brands to merchandise their product line. In doing so has stemmed, thousands of products, with thousands of products to be bought, means collectable toys and products.

In 2016 the franchise boosted lincesed merchandise sales by 4.4%, this is equivalent to a revenue stream of $262.9 billion. In 2012 Disney purchased LucasFilm for $4 billion, quite a good investment if you ask me. Since the purhcase in 2012, the 2 movies that were released under Disney have already made $3 billion dollars from just box office sales, alone.

Ever Since the original movies, they were always thinking big picture. From Star Wars toys, to Star Wars stickers, it seems they just cant do anything wrong. Now, new Star Wars unveiling is like an unofficial holidy, Lucasfilm plans of introducing Force Friday at retailers to promote new and upcoming films. I dont think anybody can deny how successful they have been with it.

In 2016, fans have spend a total of close to 2 and a half billion of offical Star Wars gear. The biggest factors were the 2 new additions to the movie life line. It has brought on a whole new group of fans, and it has awoken older fans, plus old collectors have new items to collect.

Disney must be in heaven looking at these numbers, and I dont think they have plans on stopping this gravy train anytime soon. In december, the new movie, The Last Jedi is releasing, and there is also a spinoff and episode IX in the works as well, there is no question that these productions will have their own vast and diverse products and merchandise. There will be new toys, action figures, clothes, shoes, everything.

Who knows what the future will bring for this awesome franchise. 2019 will see Star Wars Land, the Star Wars inspired park at Disneyland and Disney World. I wonder if George is thinking that he shouldve asked for me.

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10 of the Most valuable Star Wars Figures

By now, you should know how big a juggernaut Star Wars is when it comes to merchandising. Throughout the many years of this famed franchise, they have gone on to sell billions of dollars worth of Star Wars toys, stickers, books, games, posters, you name it.

A lot of collectors pay a premium when it comes to shopping for the most rare and collectible figures.

Here is our list of the 10 most valuable star wars action figures today. Most of them are from when the original movies came out.

Blue Snaggletooth 

Starting off with the Blue Snaggle tooth, Sears released a set of snaggle tooth figures from the famous cantina scene. However the Sears set came in the wrong size and color. The snaggle tooth figures are supposed to be red and half the size of what Sears produced. Sears produced a blue snaggle tooth which was full size.

Luke Skywalker with double telescopic lightsaber

Back in 1978 you could order your own Luke Skywalker action figure from an early bird special that the manufacturer introduced. Because of such high demand for Star Wars toys, the manufacturer set up a pre order for some toys, the pre order was for a special and rare group of figures, of this group included the double telescopic lightsaber version of Luke, which was only available and produced for this preorder. Later production Lukes only had the one piece light saber.

Han Solo with Blaster

Back again in 1978 the original 12 back figures had 2 versions of Han Solo. One had a small head and one had a big head, both came with his blaster you see in the movies. You can expect to pay more than $1000 for this bad boy.

Yak Face

After the Star Wars phase started dying down, Kenner, the maker of the original Star Wars toys decided to ship their unwated stock across the border and overseas. Yak Face figures were included in these shipments, and because of this, it wasn’t actually seen on shelves in the United States. That is pretty much the exact things you need for a collector item. Yak Face can be bought for $1000 or more.

Boba Fett

Again in 1979, even before he was seen on the big screen, Boba Fett was made a preorder for fans, due to some choking hazards, he was never released. He was later released with a fixed version not didnt contain the choking hazard.


George Lucas tried his hand in an animated Star Wars series, and Kenner was set to make some toys for it. Unfortunately the shows didnt do as well as the movies and were cancelled. Kenner made a Vlix mold, which was procured by a company in Brazil called Glasslite, there produced the figure in 1988.

Obi Wan with Double telescopic lightsaber

Just like the Luke one on this list, the Obi Wan figure has the double telescopic lightsaber. Difference is there was more Lukes produced than Obi Wan. Making Obi Wan a lot more rare.

Darth Vader with double telescopic lightsaber

Like Obi Wan, but the Vader figure was even more of a limited run.

Medical Droid FX-7

Seen in auctions for as much as $12000, the medical droid is a strange toy on this list, not of important value in the story either.

Vinyl Cape Jawa

The Jawas were originally produced with a vinyl cape, but later switched to a cloth cape for cost savings. This changed made the Vinyl caped Jawa a very rare item.




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10 out of this World Facts all fan boys would know

All Star Wars blog have this type of post, but everyones seem to be different, heres our list of the 10 Star Wars facts that every fan boy should know, if they dont, do you even like Star Wars?

10 Facts Star Wars Fan should know


The only characters that have ever appeared in all the movies in the franchises history are… If you said R2D2 and C3p0 you are right. The two robots were even in the Star Wars Holiday special.

If you have a keen eye for movie details, you would have seen the Millenium Falcon is Revenge of the Sith. You can see the famed ship landing on Coruscant.

This one a lot of people may not know, but Return of the Jedi could have been called Revenge of the Jedi at one point. During storyboarding, there was an idea that Luke took of the empire, and wore the Vader mask. The idea was ditched for being to dark of an ending, George wanted a more kids safe theme.

The only other female character in the original Star Wars movies other than Princess Leia, and Mon Motha is, Aunt Beru. The feminist were probably mad about this one.

Earlier versions of the hit movie had Luke’s last name as Starkiller and he was a general.

Boba fett didnt actually make his first appearance in TESB, he was actually in the Star Wars Holiday special.

Yoda is voiced by the same voice actor who portrays Miss Piggy, the porker Muppet.

In ROTJ the tribe of Ewoks were originally supposed to be a tribe of Wookies, but due to a plot hole it didn’t make sense to have a tribe of Wookies, so the Ewoks were created.

The idea that Leia kills Jabba the Hutt was from the creative brain of Richard Marquand

Darth Maul has ten spikes on his head.


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